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Yoga Meditation Shawls are large shawls Sanskrit Mantra Printed worn when meditating. They are also known as prayer shawl. For thousands of years people who believe in God & Hindu Religion have used meditation shawls. The purpose of a meditation shawl is to cover the body of the person who is meditating.

Reasons why a Yoga Meditation Shawl is worn when meditating 

If you have seen someone meditate, you'll often find a shawl covering their bodies and here is why:

  • It is believed that when you wear a shawl when meditating, it holds the energy accumulated by meditating.
  • This energy has positive effects on your mind.
  • When meditating the body tends to cool down. Meditation shawl provides extra warmth to the body.
  • This keeps mind from being distracted.